Seyed Djavad Djadda (1892-1988)

Seyed Djavad Djadda (1892-1988)


The distinguished international reputation of Djadda Carpet owes directly to the foresight and unrelenting tenacity of comany founder Seyed Djavad Djadda (1892-1988).

Mr. Djadda brought to reality what many others dared only dream - a collection of exquisitely detailed carpets by the foremost weavers from all of the major producing areas in Iran. His dauntless energy and keen eyes for elegant beauty resulted in a company recognized as one of the preeminent sources of premium carpets worldwide: Djadda Carpet.


For those special collectors and connoisseurs of premium hand-woven Persian carpets we invite you to join us for what may be the most rewarding trip of your life. A visit to the most spectacular carpet market in the world, the Permanent Carpet Fair, in the heart of the trading capital of the ancient Persia. Here you may personally choose the designs, sized and styles of carpets. 


You will meet some of the weavers who have learned their craft from generations of family experts.


Combining this with the pleasure of visiting some of the most beautiful and historic sites in the world is actually a very economical venture. Purchasing your carpets from the source of their production will result in savings and we ensure your success in this business trip. Arrangements for a combined business and pleasure trip to Iran are quite easy. Djadda Carpet would be honored to assist you in making the arrangements for everything from visas to accommodations, including personal guidance with good command in English, French & German languages in locating and buying carpets meeting your personal taste and requirements.