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GhiasAbad, Toranj and Lachak, Blue and Red color Sarogh, GhiasAbad, woven in Arak Ghom, Botteh drawing, called Botteh-mother and child as well. The most ancient drawing in Iranian carpets
Shahreza, copy of Ghom carpet, Shahreza is a city in Isfahan province. Ghazvin, Afshan drawing, Ghazvin is 150 km away from Tehran. Ghazvin, Afshan drawing, with picture of animals and Iran Carpet Co. logo- Iran Carpet Co. belongs to Iranian government and have the best carpets with natural colors.
Ghom, Soft wool, Toranj and Lachak, very high-quality Ghazvin, Toranj and Lachak, Natural color, very high quality, from Iran Carpaet Co. Ghazvin, Square shaped, Toranj and Lachak